Property Management Services

Our management services help create optimum cash flow through strict budget control, energy saving measures, and effective preventative maintenance and safety programs. There is no set up fee or minimum charge for the property. The monthly management fee is usually a percentage of the monthly gross income that the property generates.

Currently, Anchor Realty oversees the property management and rentals and leasing of approximately 900 residential units, numerous single family residences and numerous commercial properties which range from warehouses to shopping malls throughout the Bay Area. This management includes a wide range of functions from rent collections to rentals and leasing vacant space, to coordinating and overseeing maintenance and repairs. Over the years Anchor Realty has become known for their constant hands-on, personal attention and care which maximize income and keep expenses to a minimum without sacrificing quality.

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  • Collect and post all rents.
  • Supervise all building maintenance and repairs, and janitorial work, if necessary.
  • Negotiate and execute all service agreements.
  • Supervise preparation and clean up of all vacancies.
  • Review and make payment of operating expenses, property tax bills and loan
  • payments.
  • Administer annual rent increases per lease agreements.
  • Provide representation for on-site building inspections.
  • Serve three-day notices to pay rent or quit.
  • Communicate between management, tenants, and vendors.
  • Make frequent building inspections.
  • Present computerized and itemized monthly income and expense reports.
  • Maintain 24 hour emergency service.
  • Provide supervision of on-site personnel.
  • Insure tenant’s comply with lease terms.
All maintenance and repairs which are not the tenant’s responsibility per their lease agreement would be handled through Anchor Realty.

Maintenance and repair work include plumbing and electrical repairs, cleaning of vacancies, and boiler and elevator maintenance. We have licensed general contractors on staff to meet these various needs. Their fees range from $75.00 to $125.00 per hour in addition to materials.

Capital improvements are important to improve the value of one’s property and to maintain the safety and upkeep of one’s property. The fee for overseeing a capital improvement job is five percent of the entire cost of the job.

This requires Anchor Realty to do the following:

  • Obtain a minimum of 2 bids per job.
  • Verify liability and workman’s compensation insurance.
  • Oversee every phase of a job to ensure a job is completed correctly and in accordance with a job specification sheet.
Leasing is a critical element for the success of one’s property. The leasing fee is a percentage of the gross annual rent. The following services are included in the fee:

  • Showing of vacancies
  • Screening of all tenant applicants
  • Preparing and negotiating of leases
  • Aggressive marketing of vacancies
  • Checking all new vacancies for refund of security deposits
There is an additional fee for the following services:

  • Overseeing of fire or major damage repairs or renovations
  • Sale of properties or refinancing of properties
  • Providing representation in court, or at other local meetings or agencies, which would be billed at an hourly rate for time incurred by Anchor Realty and its employees.